Floors and Carpets

Floor Cleaning, Stripping and Waxing 

T-Bone Detailing offers floor scrubbing, stripping and waxing throughout several counties. With our floor cleaning, and stripping being a common process used in flooring that may be applied to marble, tile, concrete, slate, and some other flat surfaces that have previously been waxed. Our waxing supplies are either oil or water based and prices vary and have a significantly noticeable finish especially with receiving regular floor maintenance. 

Maintenance can be done with periodic (bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annual or annual) floor buffering that maintains the shine while helping prevent cracking and debris that may build-up. Consistent floor buffering is mainly important in high traffic floor areas as well as during winter season with snowy and rainy conditions.

 T-Bone Detailing will provide you with the proficient services you demand to care for and maintain your floors all year around. We are your one-stop shop for floor cleaning, stripping, waxing and maintenance per your request. Please contact us for a free quote.  

Carpet Cleaning and Extraction

T-Bone Detailing is a company which specializes in professional office, retail, and restaurant cleaning. A strong first impression has a positive impact on clients and their employees. Statistics reveal dramatic employee productivity increases while current and potential customers equate a clean, well organized environment. T-Bone will also ensure that you have a professional appearance during executive visits, prospective clients, vendor visits and special events.

While commercial carpeting is manufactured to withstand more activity than residential carpets, professionally maintaining your carpet is more important since your business revenue and reputation depend on it. High traffic areas will grind dirt deeply into carpet fibers. Moreover, coffee machine spills, kitchen mishaps, sleet, salt, rain or mud tracked in from outdoors, or contaminants from an attached warehouse in a mixed-use space also contribute to very soiled, distressed carpeting. Vacuuming alone cannot restore your overall carpeting image to a clean, stain-free state. T-Bone Detailing uses hot-water extraction to deep clean carpet in traffic lanes as well as around and under furniture, restoring it to a clean, bright and fresh-smelling condition. Please contact us for a free quote.